Hydraulic pumps we manufacture ourselves

For over 20 years we have been manufacturing and distributing high-precision, complex hydraulic pumps under our own brand. To do so we utilise all the elements from our long supply chain.

SIRO rotating plunger pumps: reliable and durable

STC is the sole manufacturer of SIRO rotating plunger pumps worldwide. These pumps deliver the highest quality and are extremely reliable. They are especially durable and efficient.

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Gear pumps - robust and flexible

Our gear pumps deliver hydraulic oil into hydraulic systems such as the stationary hydraulics of tooling machines.

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Gerotor pumps - quiet, simple and compact

Our rotor pumps specialise in conveying media with good lubricity. They generate a constant volume flow independently of the system pressure. Thanks to their simple design they are compactly built with a small overall length and low weight.

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